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Due Diligence Report FMI International (FMIJX)
Appearing in Litman Gregory Advisor Intelligence (May 2014); Author Rajat Jain, CFA

FMI Value: ‘Just Say No’
Appearing in Barron’s (September 17, 2012); Author: Sarah Max

Undiscovered Managers:
Slow Scrutiny [FMI Large Cap Fund]
Appearing in Morningstar Advisor (December/January 2010); Author: Andrew Gogerty

Fund Watch:
Their Steady Strategy Has Paid Off
Appearing in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (June 14, 2007); Author: Katy Marquardt

Out of the Gate:
Leaving Few Stones Unturned, This Little Fund Posts Big Gains
Appearing in The Wall Street Journal (May 7, 2007); Author: Lyneka Little

FMI Large Cap Joins the Focused 10
Appearing in Morningstar Fund Investor (April 2007); Author: Reginald Laing

Due Diligence: FMI Large Cap
Appearing in Litman/Gregory’s Advisor Intelligence Fund Reports (November 2005); Author: Rajat Jain, CFA

Fiduciary Emphasizes Business Basics:
In Big or Small Caps, Firm Sticks With Conservative, Research-Focused Style
Appearing in Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (May 2, 2005); Author: Kathleen Gallagher

Money Manager Interview with Ted D. Kellner and Patrick J. English
Investing in Small and Large Cap Value Stocks
Appearing in The Wall Street Transcript (January, 2005)

The No-Load Fund Investor Interviews Patrick English
FMI Common Stock Fund and FMI Large Cap Fund
Appearing in the No-Load Fund Investor (January, 2004); Author: Mark Salzinger

The Rukeyser Interview
Winning the Investment Race…Slowly: FMI Common Stock Fund
Appearing in Louis Rukeyser’s Mutual Funds (August, 2003); Author: Louis Rukeyser

Fund Favorites
Worth Knowing: FMI Common Stock Fund & FMI Focus Fund
Appearing in Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street (February, 2003); Author: Mark Salzinger

FMI Focus Manager Goes Global
Appearing in The Wall Street Journal (January 28, 2003); Author: Andrew Gelfand

And the Winners Are…
Mutual Funds: These Are The Best of the Bunch
Appearing in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (September, 2002); Author: Manuel Schiffres

Investing With Patrick J. English And Ted D. Kellner:
FMI Common Stock Fund
Appearing in The New York Times (August 25, 2002); Author: Carole Gould

Best Funds For Your Goals:
Let These Top-Notch Managers Pick Your Stocks
(Features FMI Focus Fund); Appearing in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (May, 2002); Author: Steven T. Goldberg

New Fund Leaders in a New Market Era
Appearing in the Los Angeles Times (April 8, 2002); Author: Josh Friedman

For FMI Common, Value is Paying Off
Appearing in The Wall Street Journal (March 6, 2002); Author: Adam Freeman

Mutual Funds Quarterly Review:
Strategies of Winning Funds Pay Off Amid Trying Times
(Features the FMI Focus Fund); Appearing in The Wall Street Journal (January 7, 2002); Author: Kara Scannell

Bottoms Up!
An Interview With Patrick English
Appearing in BARRON’S (October 8, 2001); Author: Harlan S. Byrne